Anonymous asked:

You should do a hooper advantages or somethin

philosokitty answered:

Ha, I should! I’ll do it right now, it’s going to sound very cocky though :)


1) Eternal body positivity

2) Getting better at something every day

3) Colour-changing tapes

4) Having hoops in your life

5) Having more hoops in your life

6) The excitement of getting your first LED hoop

7) You impress children and adults alike

8) You impress men and women alike

9) You generally make people’s jaws drop on the floor

10) Doing a crowd-pleasing trick and getting a “Woaaaaah”

11) Cheering up and inspiring other people

12) Giving away your old hoops to friends who want to learn

13) Teaching people how to waist hoop when they ask to try it out

14) Watching someone hoop for the first time and knowing it was thanks to your help

15) Being around to watch people get better and more confident at hooping

16) Sharing techniques and ideas

17) Being part of a community driven by magic and flow

18) Being part of a community tight-knit enough that you ‘recognize’ big names and you probably cross paths

19) Meeting like-minded individuals

20) Great spiritual and mental strides unparalleled by drugs, counseling, etc.

21) Getting closer to the meaning of autonomy and freedom

22) Creativity is an undercurrent in day-to-day-life

23) Being in love, all the time

24) Falling in love with the hoop, over and over again

25) The beautiful and profound comedy of strengthening oneself as an individual with a plastic circle for a Teacher

26) Sacred geometry

27) Everybody looks good while hooping, no matter what the size or skill or gender- no exceptions

28) Not that it matters, but It’s also cardiovascular exercise that burns like 600kcal per hour?!

29) Going to hoop events, workshops, etc.

30) Hooping in festivals, parks, on top of buildings, by the beach, by the river, basically anywhere you please

31) When you have a burst of unexpected flow

32) When you’re feeling so inspired that you’re sequencing hoop moves in your head naturally and going to sleep thinking about hooping

33) The anticipation and excitement over getting a new hoop

34) Becoming frugal because all you’re interested in doing is hooping

35) Hooping is, mostly, free :)

36) Being able to eat for three people because you hoop so much

37) Looking at hoop-related things

38) Stress relief, meditation, natural anti-depressant



Love this..